Maruti Alto 800 Review

Author: Cars Reviewer  |  Category: Maruti Alto 800

Maruti Alto 800Maruti Alto 800 is unique car. It can easily be handled by both the genders of any age group. It is more Passionate and fashionable car. It is one of the lovable car compare to the other brand. It size is useful in the small area and easy to drive in the traffic area. It gives more mileage compare to the other brand of car. It is the fifth generation car in the world of Maruti. It is available in the colours likes by all.
The finish of the car is very shiny, unique and slim. Any person taller or shorter in heights can drive this car. It is more comfortable for a small family and can go for any long distance. The service for the maruti alto is very quick and the spare parts can be available easily and at genuine cost. The seat model in this type is very soft and having much cushion so that new born and old aged people can travel with more comfortable journey for a long and short distance travel. It comes with 5 speed manual transmission.
After fixing of the music system the sound and speakers in this is most excellent and adorable. The holder for the bottle is too easy to handle for the children.  While travelling there will be no jerk while applying the brakes. The Changing of the gears are too smooth. The head lamp and other lamps are designed in such a stylish manner and make all the people to look at the car. The bumper colour is the unique and no other car is having like this car.  The steering of the car is very unique and the learners can easily handle the steering.
The bannet of this car gives solid look to the car.  The cost of the car is also most affordable by any class of people.  Maruti company is smart in marketing and makes the people choice. The dash board has small compartments so that mobile, remote of the music system. It is fuel efficient and comfortable. The alto car is one of the best eco-friendly cars. This car has unique designed name plate so that no other car is having such designed name plate. This car has been accepted as the best car by the people all over the world for its stylish design, comfortable journey and lowest price.

Hyundai Eon Review

Author: Cars Reviewer  |  Category: Hyundai Eon

Hyundai EONHyundai has made new entry  for small car lovers and had given entry of new Eon of six variety.  This car had hit the market for its lowest price which is affordable by all class of people. This car is designed in such a way that it is easily driven and handled by all age groups of both the genders. The learner can easily handle this car.  Nowadays larger families are becoming nuclear family and Hyundai had thought over it designed a beautiful, stylish car Eon which is more comfortable for a small family.

Eon the only car which has the spacious interiors boast of plenty of legroom in the front as well as the rear to fulfill the small family requirements. The small car buyers will choose for the Fuel efficiency concern. This Car Eon is loaded with pioneering technical capabilities that ensure excellent mileage. This car designed in such a manner that it is not only giving incredible mileage but it is built  and designed in such a way that its inbuilt  functions are of eco friendly drive.

Moreover the people who thinks of  the safety aspects make the choice of this car as this car has well addressed safety aspects. This car has several active and passive arrangements.This Eon cars are exclusively designed for buyers who desire for stylish and spacious compact car. This car delivers an exceptional driving experience and high fuel economy.

Hyundai Eon itself has variety of models  which differs is slight mechanism.   All the models are designed unique in such a way that all its models has central locking systems.Alternator Management Systems which has been assimilated for better fuel efficiency is the major highlight of this eon models. The other unique features  such as tilt steering, armrests and electrically powered windows , Metallic finish, tinted glass, body colour bumper are other noteworthy addition variant in this Hyundai Eon model.

This car is much delight of music lovers as this car is integrated with a modern music consort which has Audio CD/radio/mp3/USB/Aux-in capabilities. The other notable accessories of this Eon models are rear parcel tray, cup holders, map packets with bottle holder and floor console storage. The seats are much comfortable for the children and aged person for a long journey of travel.

Price is one of the greatest advantages that might attract the average Customers who dream of  owning of  a car. The Hyundai Eon Cars made the dreams to come as true of many customers of is lowest priced cars in stylish and comfortable car which nowadays become the People choice car.  The entry of this car into the competitive world had made very successful and  become the ideally choice of  all class people.

Hyundai Santro review

Author: tpriya  |  Category: Hyundai Santro Xing

Santro car can be trusted in the long run. It is a good smooth car for long journeys with minimum risk.It can be driven non stop upto 200km at a stretch and you will find every thing to be ok.Without any risk the car can be driven at a maximum speed of 110km/hr.
You will get good road grip and smooth driving without any wobbling sound.

The service network is good and service cost is also very less .The car is best suited for all ages.It is a good car for the middle income group. It gives an average mileage of 13km/lt.Maintence cost is very low.Since Santro has superb power steering system you will find easy to take turns. The sedan has good suspension system at the bottom platform.So you will not feel any jerks while traveling on a road infested with pot holes or bumps. The car’s tubeless tyres add comfort to riding.

The car possess superb a/c and decent interiors.During rainy season the car’s time adjustable rear wipers make you feel at ease, even while raining.The car is provided with tachometer , an unique feature to know the engine’s rpm.The gear systems are good ,with it a very short gear ratio to achieve a zippy drive.

The car is easy to park in crowded areas.Each vehicle has it’s own pros and cons . The disadvantage of this car is it has very small rear boot space.The mileage is not satisfactory when compared to other cars.But the pros outsmart the cons in this car.
It has a good look,comfortable spacious interiors, comes in attractive colours, value for the money spent especially for the middle income group.

In short Santro is a reliable car at a reasonable price.At 3.5 lacs it is well priced. Moreover it has good resale value.So whoever buys this car will never get disappointed.It’s a darling car suited for all ages.

Ford figgo Review

Author: tpriya  |  Category: Honda City ZX

Ford figgo is a fabulous immense car coming out with the essential features like a great Audio Unit, electric ORV Mirrors, rear defogger in wipers, theater dimming cabin light, lamp for boot area, body colored mirrors, a trim, chrome finished indicators and grill line,tacho, 2 tone upholstry,pseudo interior doors handles with aluminum finish, seat height adjuster .

The car is very simple to drive with easily accessible controls.The road vision provided is superb and offers a more self-confidence inspiring journey. The visibility at the rear is a bit hindered by thick C pillars (one could not know why its so expansive and the designers could have made it more slimmer)

Figgo has a very smooth and light Clutch (it is far more better when compared to the rough omni and 800). Its really complicated to stop the car as ,one may feel the ECU kicks in if you play haywire on the pedals. The non ECU cars on this frontage are very non lenient and everything you do will turn up on the drive.

Suspension system is supple or the long wheelbase or both are playing mayhem here as you may have scrapped a number of speed breakers even when traveling with only your wife and no luggage. While traveling with 5 people it’s a different story as a few breakers will touch even when going over them almost dead slow.

A few negatives on this car:

The LHD car plan has accurately been made to RHD for India without considering for the Bonnet levers and indicators. It’s a real sting to drive during night time when one has to make frequent pass signals(awful). The quick lane change feature have an effect on the pass signal function and unless otherwise you are very steady, you will perplex the oncoming driver by concurrently flashing high beam and also the Left/Right turn signals.

In general in a nutshell,one will get very satisfied with the car if he is planning for long pleasure trips.

Ford fiesta tdci Review

Author: tpriya  |  Category: Ford Fiesta

The ford fiesta tdci is a very excellent car .It’s performance is high and good on mileage, most favorable for its reliance, and for the value for money. the tdci engine is such a innovative engine The engine is a dominant and makes the user to think as the future engine for India. Fashion is the most ultimate comprehensive weapon of fiesta.
Fiesta tdci has superb pickup and very commanding torque push. It is an excellent all rounder in the awful city traffic as well as on the main road. Travel and comfort is also an influential weapon in opposition to its competitors.It pushes aside many sedans in terms of ride quality. The Honda city has also succumbed down against the fiesta’s ride and comfort.
Front seat comfort is fine. as well as the back seats. Steadiness at high speed is excellent. The vehicle can also be brilliantly controlled.. You may feel slight bouncy ride while traveling on ghat roads when compare to Honda City, but that is negligible when compared with it’s highway feat.

The car can be excellently handled at sharp bends. Excellent shifting of gears. Cable shift gives a good smooth gear shift. ABS is comes in handy when applying the breaks on damp highways and on graveled roads. Fiesta tdci engine is very receptive. You won’t experience the lagging of turbo because the turbo kicks in at 1200 RPM. This gives you a good surpassing ability on highways and fewer gearshifts on city traffic.

In City limits with 100% A/C the car gives you a minimum 14+ KMPL and on highways you can get minimum of 18 KMPL (with A/c fully on and at average speed 90+ KMPH).

The Pros of Fiesta tdci are ample space, good performance, pleasing looks and interiors.

Its only Con, is it’s not so satisfactory mileage.

Fiat Palio Diesel Review

Author: tpriya  |  Category: Fiat Palio Stile, Gasoline Prices

Fiat palio has a 1900 cc engine. It has unique finish, great design, beautiful interiors and ergonomics. The car gives an average mileage of 17kmpl in city and 23kmpl in mofussil areas.The engine has huge torque and it is a delight to travel hilly areas.
Fiat palio is giving more mileage than swift,,almost giving upto 26km/ltr,provided if the road is good sans potholes, bumps.Palio has better looks,good spacious interiors,,

It would be a road king provided with alloy wheels.Palio is nominally priced at around 5.20 lacs onroad.It has good ground clearance and has better pick up when compared to swift.

The only accessory need to be added is a rear spoiler.Using of 17 inch alloy wheels looks great .Its a great value for money ,giving average mileage between 24–26 km /litre
Fiat palio is fitted with 1.3 multijet CRDI engine.It sports a new exterior which grew in size with 20 mm in length and 6 mm in width. Palio now dons a superb front charismatic look with new headlights,bonnet and smiley grille.

The interiors are done with lighter fabrics,roof lights and vanity mirrors.The rear of the car is more rounded with new rear lamps.

Palio comes in the market in five versions, including two body styles, three engines and two equipment levels: ELX 1.0 two- andfour-door; ELX 1.4 four-door, 1.8Rstar Euro NCAP crash safety ranking, placing Palio at the pinnacle of its category for security, with a total score of 33 points. This is an important accolade, a honour confirmation of the Italian auto giant’s dedication to all aspects of driver and passenger safety.

The main major disadvantage is it’s maintanence, a thorn in the flesh indeed.If anything goes wrong with the car , no one knows a hint about what to do next . Palio’s spares are not easily available and if we somewhat get the spares ,it is quite expensive. The main service garages are not upto the caliber.

Palio is a quite expensive , not the cup of tea for the middle income group.

Chevy Spark Review

Author: tpriya  |  Category: Chevrolet Spark, Cielo

Chevy Spark is an elegant small car best suited for small families. It gives good mileage, about 14-15kmpl in city limits with AC on.The Mileage goes upto 17kmpl if you are driving on long highways.

As it is a small car, apparently the room inside is little but bigger than Alto and
won’t anticipate more size in this low budget.The boot space is reasonably spacious.
AC is fine,excellent Pickup. Engine is so smooth such that occasionally you won’t feel that the car is moving.

It is best recommended to switch on AC atleast after 10 mins of starting the engine and don’t start AC when the car is in neutral.AC should be switched on only when the car is running. The Car cools quicker if you follow the above instructions.

Space:As might be the case with little cars, the space at the rear seat (for 3 people) is slightly uncomfortable. The car is meant to be a comfortable ride for 3 people and a luxurious ride for 2. Speaking about the front seats, they are little closer when compared with other cars. Each time if you change gears, it constantly rubbing the thighs of the individual sitting next to you. Unless otherwise if the person sitting next to you is your wife or GF, you can enjoy, otherwise it is going to be a bitter nightmarish experience.
Mileage: Chevrolet Spark has specialized engine and gives a mileage of 12.5 kms in city limits while it gives 16.7 kms on highways.
Looks: Chevy Spark has superb exterior .The car’s small shape is very convenient to drive through congested roads
A/c: With 2 people, the A/C has been very efficient… But, it’ takes some time for the cooling part to reach the back part.You can experience when there are three persons sitting in the rear seat.
Extra furnishings :P ioneer system enabled with USB, 2 Pioneer speakers at the front and 2 JBL speakers at the back. Lunar Sun film.

Alto Vx car review

Author: tpriya  |  Category: Maruti

alto-vxAlto Vx is thev best car for a common man at an affordable price.The car has superb pickup and is easy to park in congested areas. This sedan is excellent for city drive The a/c is good and is devised according to the engine and size of the car ratio. It is provided with rear wiper option which is a good option during rainy and wunter season.

Each vehicle has it’s own pros and con. The disadvantage of this vehicle is , there is no power steering and rear power window.This car lots of advantages when compared to its minor disadvantages. Accerlation is good . It has1.1L 62bhp powerful engine. Driving comfort is superb in this car.

A unique feature in this car is it has a tachometer on the dashboard which is very for a medium priced car.Alto.Vx gives about14-15km per lt as mileage in city roads.The front and rear seats are comfortable. Adjustable options are provided for the front seats.The a/c is superb. With all this peculiar features Alto Vx has become a craze and much sought after car among buyers.

Even a six footer can slide in smoothly and travel comfortably. Other advantages are the spares are cheap.The service won’t cost you much. With it’s 1100 cc engine Alto Vx can withstand against all odds.The car has the best gear ratio. You can effortlessly drive in the third gear from as low as 20km all the way to 60km with efficient a/c on.

Alto Vx is a very safe car with central locking and door open signal features provided. Remote opening of petro tank and dicky is possible.The original tyres will be in good condition even after you have used the car for more than 63,000km. This confirms the car’s good engineering design and manufacturing quality.

To conclude in short, Alto Vx is a smart car for medium budget small family living in cities.

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